March 3, 2010

New Commercial Queen Hwang Jung Eum


My favourite girl on we got married before son gain =D
she's become more well known after being cast on We got married with her boyfriend and also Daily Drama High Kick Trought the Roof

Hwang Jung Eum has been endorsing a lot of things lately and she has another one that she can add to the list – the popular star been chosen as the model for LG Fashion’s Hedges accessories.

This brand has never used a celebrity to model their products so it is a new thing they are trying out. Hwang Jung Eum has already endorsed beverages, credits cards, alcoholic drinks and more so this is nothing surprising. People are falling in love with this actress because of her cute and cool personality.

Hedges’ Kim Hak Il said, “Her cute and bubbly charm on the sitcom matches well with our brand’s concept. We knew she was perfect to be our model. She will model for our spring and summer collection.”

It seems like Hwang Jung Eum’s got it all these days.

The High Kick Through the Roof star recently sported a few pairs of eye-catching sunglasses for a photoshoot, will be featured in the March issues of BAZAAR and Esquire.

Though she’s known for her bubbly and cute personality, she shows off a mature and sexy side through these pictures, just as she will with an upcoming Sketchers campaign.

Netizens commented, “I thought she was just cute but she pulls off the sexy look.”

She’s not only doing well as an actress on High Kick, but she’s been shooting for many magazines, endorsed products, shot countless CF’s and is joining lots of variety shows.

Who’s to stop her?

Looks like the girl groups just got another rival in their game – Hwang Jung Eum has been selected as Dooria Chicken’s exclusive advertisement model!

“Hwang Jung Eum has already finished filming for her first chicken commercial. We chose Hwang Jung Eum because we believed her comical charm would be suitable for our company. She also has gained the title, “Food Lord,” through her role in High Kick Through the Roof. It persuaded us even more to select her.” a representative of Dooria revealed.

The CF has been filmed in a parody format of a traditional Korean tale, Beauty and the Lumberjack, which illustrates a story of a woodcutter falling in love with a beautiful angel fallen from the sky. According to the filming staff, Hwang Jung Eum’s talent in acting has successfully incorporated this unique theme with those tasty fried chickens.

Hwang Jung Eum expressed, “I feel very honored to become a chicken brand model with those top stars. I had a lot of fun eating away my favorite chickens as much as I want.”

source: Allkpop

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