March 19, 2010

AfterSchool new member, new single, Bang!

After school 8th member!!
name: Lizzy

After School 3nd Single Album - 뱅! (Bang!)
Genre : Pop/Dance
Release Date : 2010.03.25
Tracklists :
01. Let’s Do It
02. 뱅! (Bang!)
03. With U
04. 뱅! (Bang!) (Inst.)
Review : Track listing translated by AfterSchoolCraze

Track 01 - Let’s Do It
Kahi and Jung Ah were directly involved in the drum session which starts with a fast beat and strong drum that will quickly capture your ears with an intense feeling.

Track 02 - 뱅! (Bang!)
Written by the best producers (Lyrics by Kim Tae-hyun, composed by Kim Hee-sun), the title song “Bang!” was supposed to be included in the 2nd single album. To make the song more complete, more time was needed to make it into a more elaborate track. Doing away with formalities, this is an experimental song which has the latest trends. After School’s unique colors can be felt through this song.

In this song, the drum sound will form the song’s frame. Also, After School’s powerful vocals and the dynamic beat and rhythm will create endless enthusiasm while listening to the song.

With the best upgrade, After School’s performances and Bang!’s music and stage are expected to create a new sensation and impact.

Track 03 - With U
After School’s Kahi, who had written “When I Fall”, will participate for the second time as the lyricist to the Sweden song “With U”, which will soothe the heart with its calm medium rhythm and beautiful piano melody, on top of After School’s fantastic harmonized vocals.

Photo Teaser of Bang!

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