March 8, 2010

All About KARA #1

I found some interesting things from my favourite group kara!!

1. They attend SSTP hosted by Super Junior Shindong and Kim shinyoung!!
the nicest things is they don't use make up!! (well some of them still use~
but still, they looks so pretty and beautiful!!

when I see maknae, I can't see any yeliner or anything else, maybe she only put some BB cream and a little amount of blushes, she looks totally young here (well, her age still 16 isn't??)

and I must say Gyuri is the BEST!!
I really love her bare face!! I'm not big fans of her Thick make up!! those make up really doesn't suit with her!!
but I don't really think it was her bare face, maybe some BB cream and blushes too~
but she looks totally fine with it!! she's true natural beauty!!!!!

hara is so lovely, she really show us her bare face and also without eyebrow! goonalisa~

kekeke~ nicole's make up so THICK!!
she use eyeliner!!! wowww... why nicole why???
she's so pretty without make up.. well, maybe she's a little tired, so she choose to hide her tired with make up!! yeahh~~ lovely kara!!

so sad I can't found seungyeon's individual picture~
but she definetly bare face like hara did!!

2. Kara feautured on Ingkigayo magazine cover!!!
Click the pictures for larger version!

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