December 20, 2009

Hiatus for christmas

I hate going home, b'coz internet are very slow here..
I can't download my fave drama at at home
And offcourse my last 4 episode of iris
Oh God!!!
I really really hate it!!
Why indonesia internet connection is very slow?!
Eniway I must stay calm for a week!!
Wait for me iris, will it snow for christmas, i love you 1000 times..
I will catch u guys as fast as i can!

December 3, 2009

secret with 3years&6months

I really in love with jieun voice!!

very beautiful, especially when they sing 3years&6months!!

they're amazing!! love her voice so much!!!

english lyric

IRIS broke my heart!!

hmm... stelah skian lama ak tinggalin nih drama akirnya ak tonton lagi *finally*

this drama is amazing!! I love leebyunghun,kim taehee,and kim soyeon acting here!!

very total!! hehe... I love the story, very different and unique~

I mean there's a lot of cinderella story nowadays but they make another movement with their  story

less love more action 

oh so movie~ and they spend more than $20million for their expenses~ *__*

and when I see this drama I'm very amazing, because they took the shoot on hungary, china, japan and another country which I don't know~


I already watch it until episode 13~ and I'm still in love with leebyunghun!!

OMG he's just handsome~~ =)

and there will be IRIS 2!! can't wait for their new cast~

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