February 22, 2010


My Favourite Screencaps
I will Uploading again later =)

credit: Karaholic

Seven Handsome Guy on Elle Girl March Edition

Click the pictures for larger version!

Seulong Spam

Thunder Spam

Park Shin Hye in Elle Korea March 2010: Delicate Sensibility

enjoy her cuteness in Long hair
oh my Go Minyu =)

[Photo Spam] High Kick Throught The Roof


Park ShinHye and Go Ara go Sporty with Lacoste

Click the pictures for larger version!

Yoon EunHye for ELbon

Looks like singer turn actress Yoon eunhye enjoy being a model
she take a photoshoot with Elbon,
the photoshoot is amazing
and It has a cool concept!
enjoy the rest of the photo

2NE1 with Bean Pole and Unleashed photoshoot

Enjoy their cuteness and FIRE moments


another fashion spread by UEE afterschool
she's so famous nowadays. well, enjoy her photo
Click the pictures for larger version!

Corby with 2NE1

More photo of 2NE1 for Samsung Corby~
all of them looks so fresh and happy in this photoshoot
enjoy the rest inside

Shi Min Ah Goes Sexy with Vivien

Click the pictures for larger version!

Shin Sekyung for Buckaroo Jeans

OMG! look her curves!
anyway she's the main cast of High Kick trought the Roof
together with Hwang Jungeum~
Click the pictures for larger version!

feels the couture style with kim tae hee on Vogue

long time not seeing her after finishing IRIS drama,
now kim tehee back with fresh image on set
she posed for Vogue magazine
enjoy the rest photo inside

2AM in Preppy style for Vogue Girl March

all of them looks so cute and chic in preppy looks~
I would say that kwonie and jinwoon really suit this style
enjoy their photo inside

Han Chae Young for Stonehenge

Click the pictures for larger version!

enjoy her beautiful barbie looks~

February 21, 2010

Full Scan of KARA in Ceci Magazine

So pretty and sexy!!
nicole can pull the concept very well!!
love the rest of the picture!!
KARA Jjang!!

February 19, 2010

T-ara’s new concept: Evil Seduction

T-ara will be doing a complete 180 degree transformation, dropping their cute little kitten paws and turning into mature, evil and seductive little devils.

They stated, “Are they really T-ara? That’s the type of reaction we want from fans, so we will be working extremely hard until the day of our comeback performance.”

T-ara will be returning shortly with their repackaged album and new title track, “I go crazy because of you.” In addition, just finished the recording of the music video on the 19th and a teaser video will be released on the 23rd at around 11:30am.

Things are heating up again, with T-ara and KARA’s comebacks both happening around the same time… love it!

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