December 20, 2009

Hiatus for christmas

I hate going home, b'coz internet are very slow here..
I can't download my fave drama at at home
And offcourse my last 4 episode of iris
Oh God!!!
I really really hate it!!
Why indonesia internet connection is very slow?!
Eniway I must stay calm for a week!!
Wait for me iris, will it snow for christmas, i love you 1000 times..
I will catch u guys as fast as i can!

December 3, 2009

secret with 3years&6months

I really in love with jieun voice!!

very beautiful, especially when they sing 3years&6months!!

they're amazing!! love her voice so much!!!

english lyric

IRIS broke my heart!!

hmm... stelah skian lama ak tinggalin nih drama akirnya ak tonton lagi *finally*

this drama is amazing!! I love leebyunghun,kim taehee,and kim soyeon acting here!!

very total!! hehe... I love the story, very different and unique~

I mean there's a lot of cinderella story nowadays but they make another movement with their  story

less love more action 

oh so movie~ and they spend more than $20million for their expenses~ *__*

and when I see this drama I'm very amazing, because they took the shoot on hungary, china, japan and another country which I don't know~


I already watch it until episode 13~ and I'm still in love with leebyunghun!!

OMG he's just handsome~~ =)

and there will be IRIS 2!! can't wait for their new cast~

November 19, 2009

Introduce ★ ★ulzzang 1★ ★

recently (again) I digging in ulzzang world

can't wait!! can't wait!!

ayu's new single~

even the Official release date for the single has been delayed until 29th December 2009 I'll waiting for ayu!!

You were... / BALLAD new single Covers are out on the Official site!

Drama Review for October-November

recently I catch up a lot of drama!! 

well, a lot of them is korean for sure! I already in love with K-drama

I don't know why, but K-drama is the most realistic drama ever~

well, sometimes not!! but I love how they tell the story. even the story have a same storyline,

sometimes I don't even care because I love the cast or the style~


now I want to review some drama that I catch up~

Will It Snow For Christmas?

Go Soo as Cha Kang Jin
Han Ye Seul as Han Ji Wan
Sun Woo Sun as Lee Woo Jung
Song Jong Ho as Min Tae Jun
Jo Min Soo as (Kang Jin’s mother)
Kim Joon Hyung (김준형) as Kyung Soo
Chun Ho Jin
Nam Ji Hyun

Title: 크리스마스에 눈이 올까요?
English known as: Shall the snow on Christmas?
Genre:Melo Drama
Broadcast Station :SBS
No. of Episodes : 16??
Broadcast : 2009 December
Broadcast Times :Wednesdays & Thursdays 9:55 PM (Korea time)
Drama PD : 최문석 Choe Mun Seok[ Only You(SBS),What Happened In Bali(SBS) ]
Scriptwriter :이경희 LeeKyoungHee [Thanks you(MBC),I'm Sorry I Love You(KBS),A Love To Kill(KBS)]
Official Website :-

sexy Yoon EunHye on PUMA

I ♥ PUMA!!

today, I found Yoon eunhye photoshoot for PUMA 

she looks incredible sexy here..

even I'm a girl, I really love eunhye, she's so cute and funny when on drama

enjoy eunhye onnie photoshoot~

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