November 19, 2009

Drama Review for October-November

recently I catch up a lot of drama!! 

well, a lot of them is korean for sure! I already in love with K-drama

I don't know why, but K-drama is the most realistic drama ever~

well, sometimes not!! but I love how they tell the story. even the story have a same storyline,

sometimes I don't even care because I love the cast or the style~


now I want to review some drama that I catch up~

1. You're beautiful

this drama make me freaking crazy!! all the cast are crazy, except kang shin woo~

Go minyu who's freaking cute and  pure.. make me laugh all the time!!

hwang taekyung who's freaking clean, and evil dorky boy~ I love how he smile!!

jeremy who's freaking cute and party lovers~~

and  yoo heyi, evil girl!! even I hate heyi, I admit that UEE acting is GOOD!!

she can play her roll really well (even I still love if gyuri take a part in this drama)

I really love this drama, that because it can make me laugh and crying in the same time

so funny but I did!! 

score: 10/10 (I believe you guys will agree with me)

Smile, You

still can catch this drama a lot, but I don't really like he characther here!!

almost all of them are weird and sucks!! I hate almost all the cast, beside leeminjung role

even she's so insensible, but i still can see her warm heart for her family.

since I still watch it until 6-7 episode I just can hope the story become more and more better~

I love the storyline, but I hate the cast!! even their face!! so sad~~


Creating Destiny

old story never get bored! like little bride, and sassy girl chunyang this drama also storied about a girl and a boy who's getting together because their family matchmaking them~

so funy, I love almost the cast!! the characther very fit and even I don't like old people story, but I love them here~

and eugene characther here is so funny and silly in the same time

sometime I don't understand with all drama charachter.

iare they really don't understand their feeling each other~ 

they fought too much sometimes~

but I like this drama, so I give much better score.

can't wait for the ending~

score: 7,5/10

upcoming drama that I want to watch: IRIS (still 1 episode) and HERO, Love you 100million times, and also Will it Snow for Christmas

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