November 19, 2009

Introduce ★ ★ulzzang 1★ ★

recently (again) I digging in ulzzang world

if you guys don't know what ulzzang means, I'll tell you~

Jjang is korean slang, means best. so ulzzang means best face in korean

basically ulzzang is someone who has an attractive face. but people now use ulzzang for popular person. in south korean, there's a lot of ulzzang who's following contest to be popular~

they post their photo on their minihompy (cyworld) and join some contest

the best ulzzang can be a real celebrities, such as singer and actor or actress or maybe model.

today I will Introduce you to my favourite ulzzang~

seo minwoo

[Seo Min Woo] 서민우 -------------------


[Pony] ---------------------------------


  1. seo minwoo appeared in Kara Bakery.
    Having a fake scandal with leader Park Gyuri

  2. ooh~ that girl's cute! ^_^ Is she a celebrity?

  3. she is ulzzang too,r:7,s:0 Czech girl


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