March 23, 2010


Also known as: Birth of a rich man, Becoming a Billionaire
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network: KBS2
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21h55 (KST)
Broadcast period: 03/05/2010 - ?
PD: Lee Jin Seo (Mighty Chil Woo, The Splendor of Youth, Ice Girl)
Writer: Choi Min Ki (The Splendor of Youth)

Synopsis (Allkoreandrama & Aureliahicks)
A man also dreams Cinderella

Here is one man. Man who wants to make his dream a real situation by finding a conglomerate business owner as his father. Do not blame him as a man of low taste. He is same to you. You also may have dreamed a scientist or novelist since you were 7 year old. For him, to become rich man is his hope, dream.
Even a rich man feels heart-breaking when he spends his money
Korea is a little strange country. Everybody blame rich man, but everybody dreams to become a rich man. We learn at early age that loving money is not so good attitude. But loving money is not a sin. I will break up your prejudice about rich man. Do not think that rich man spend his money without hesitation. Nor a rich man is generous about money. This is the story about rich man who knows the worth of money. Actually good rich man is more than bad rich man in Korea.
Cinderella also can wear sneakers than dress shoes
If Cinderella wear sneakers than dress shoes, she could be happy more earlier without giving price difficulty. I will daringly take off another side of dress shoes from a man who is wandering searching his lost side of shoes. I will show you the way how to be a rich man through the man who found and wear his sneakers by himself. Through the man, who, at last, become a rich man by himself when he try to find rich father, I want to help to make korea the place where your child can brightly say “My future hope is the rich man”

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Ji Hyun Woo

Lee Boyoung

Lee Shi Young

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