May 5, 2010

Welcome back wonder Girls!!

another BIG comeback! I'm really sure it will be a BIG comeback!
after lee hyori and Rain, now its time for legend idol! super junior, and wonder girls! another male and female competition!
well, they're not really comeback, since only one or two song! but I still anticipate it because they will released their song in 3 language! lol 3 language!
they really world idol now!!
here's the track list!

01. 2 Different Tears
02. So Hot
03. Tell Me
04. Nobody
05. 2 Different Tears Remix
06. Nobody Rainstone Remix
07. Nobody Jason Nevins Remix
08. 2 Different Tears (Korean)
09. 2 Different Tears (Chinese)
10. 2 Different Tears (Karaoke)
11. 2 Different Tears (Instrumental)

ps: I love the photoshoot! if only haerim do something unusual like the other girls, this photo will be awesome!! but I love their chanel tattoo

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