May 2, 2010

Another Kara things!!

read more inside!

Things about Kara #1

kara spotted in uniform for their latest commercial~
I really think hara and seungyeon suit the best~ i don't add jiyoung because she should use it~ little girl jing...
gyuri unnie looks like school bos in some photoshoot!
she looks so charismatic, and nicole look so cute in uniform, her face become more and more alike with her mother~~
enjoy the photo~

Things about Kara #2

recently, well not really recently..
but still, i know it recently, so I say it. kara become representative for samsung company! I mean whole samsung brand image, so it means big project for kara!
they become model for tomorrow cafe (before them it was hyuna, UEE, gain and Seungyeon) so it means they're the second representative..
well, seriously, I really happy for them.. because I always imagine when they got bigger commercial like SNSD for LG cooky! and now the got samsung! rofl I'm so proud of my girl~
there's not much teaser of their commercial, but I found one video for their commercial, i really hope sweetmelodix will sub it~

Things about Kara #3

finally they released their single We're with You! so catchy~~
I really like the song!! and some photo cover their single~

cute cover~~~

here's the song! for download just click here

last but not least!
Things about Kara #4
kara debut in JAPAN! seriously!! they already sold their album and get rank on oricon charts~
oh my!! kara and universal, they signing with universal, I really hope they signing with avex, but universal is nice too~

some commercial of kara in japanese music store~

add on~
world cup poster for cob chicken!

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