July 28, 2010


she/he's my favourite channel of MV fanmade!!
kara and shinee collaboration lol
love it!!
watch daydreamer's video, SCANDAL!!
I love the pairingg~~~ *hearts* *hearts*

here's the video!!

Gyuri and Jonghyun teaser

Hara and Minho teaser

Nicole and Key teaser

Jiyoung and Taemin teaser

love all the teaser!
but I still waiting for ONEW AND SEUNGYEON VIDEO!!!!
hammie and onew coupling will be daebak! their personalities quite match together~
i wonder who's hammie love~~
(reminds me when she tell her love story on strong hearts)
anyway my fave always goes to nicole and key!!
oh, I'm a little admire nicole and minho coupling, because of dream team special episode, i smell something fishy about them, but i remove all those feeling because nicole is friendly girl ^^
how about you guys??

credit: daydreamer 198 for all this awesome video =)

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