June 8, 2010


# About 01

seriously!! karaya is one of my favourite tempt to uploading! but their photoshoot is totally crazy!! Photobucket

I got more than 1000 photo!!

but still, i want to upload those photoshoot....

I hope you guys don't be bored when I upload those photoshoot!!


anyway I'll part those photoshoot based from their outfit I hope you'll enjoy my shared~~

# About 02

I really thanks to people who's visiting my blog =)

and finally I got 1000 visitor Photobucket

I'm so happy, there are a lot of people who's enjoy my blog Photobucket

kekkekeke....  thankss so much! and visit my blog more often! okay?!?!

I'll upload more and more photo...

# About 03 

well, I'll get my last exam in university..

so maybe I'll late in updating~ if you bored waiting for my post, you can visit my photobucket...

I already post some photo there, but i don't have time to organize all photo in my blog lol

here's my photobucket~


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